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Internal unit dynamic cooling with automatic defrost. External glass elements made of insulating glass with argon filling and silkscreen black print innovative system of withdrawable front with electromagnetic lock

External wooden elements – different colors available (IGLOO pattern book) worktop – stainless steel exposition area made of stainless steel prepared for containers (165 mm x 360 mm) (10 flavors) kick plinth made of stainless steel housing with base from staff side made of black coated steel night roller blind – manual front frame LED illumination automatic condenser vaporization IGLOO electronic temperature controller with digital display + electronic temperature recorder with software condenser impurity or fan operation failure alarm.


Device prepared for multiplexing exposition area prepared for containers (250mm x 360 mm) (6 flavors) scoop washer container scoop washer container with water flow system set of wheels (castors) stainless steel container 165x360 mm stainless steel container 250x360 mm recorder cable


ICE CREAM DISPLAY CABINET - Temperature range: -10ºC/-20ºC Refrigerant/Cooling factor: R507

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