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·        Device without side panels prepared for  multiplexing

·        Dynamic cooling (ventilated)

·        Ecological polyurethane foam insulation

·        Top panel with the Alu-Profile, powder coated finishing-  select color as per color chart

·        Innovative system of the upper assembly  profile

·        Price rails & stripes – different colors  available

·        Night blinds

·        Automatic defrost

·        Automatic condensate pump (up to 0,6m height)

·        Electronic temperature controller with digital  display / our standard unit

·        Refrigerant system adapted for R448A / R449A /  R450A / R407F / R404A / R507

Features/ Options

·        Sliding door with insulated glass with DP soft  closing system

·        Hinged door with DU insulated glass

·        Insulated side walls / optional mirrored /

·        Solid insulated side panels

·        Insulated side panels made of stainless steel

·        Stainless steel bottom panel

·        Customized interior display shelve color  

·        Device interior and exposition shelves made of  stainless steel

·        LED lighting, magnetic LED profile with  changeable position

·        Suspended top mirrors

·        Powder coated / painted evaporator

·        Automatic defrost

·        Fixed partition made of PETG (plexiglass)

·        Electronic temperature control with digital  display with integrated temperature recorder (mini USB)

·        Piping SL/LL outlet to top

·        Meat hooks – long


KING EVO MOD C / PLUG-IN TYPE - The KING EVO cabinet display area TDA is increase because of depth of the shelves. The unit features with a special profile which makes it possible to install night blinds or a door system. Sliding or hinged doors. Optional you can add glass doors later to lower energy consumption. Temperature range: +1ºC/+10ºC / Refrigerant options: R404a / R507 / R448 / R449 PLEASE ASK FOR QUOTATION TO OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES BY EMAIL.

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