Pro Series Multideck

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· Connected to external compressor rack

· EC fans /Ventilated cooling system

· STD evaporator HFC

· Thermostatic expansion valve

· Natural defrost

· Single electronic T8 top lighting

· Plinth colour RAL 7015

· White Pre-lacquered deposit

· Scanner price tag in shelf 

Features & Options

·Optimized evaporators HFC/ CO2 / Glycol

· Enhanced ventilation system

· EC fans

· Electronic expansion valve

· Doors /STD hinged (AGD2) / Antifog hinged doorswith double Full Vision Glass

· Top lighting(single/double) - shelves - on frame / IntegratedLED   / Electronic T8

· Night curtains: hydraulic brake equipped or motorized

· Side walls:  Panoramic / Solid side walls with mirror and impact resistant / Intermediate (mirrored)

· Epoxy painted / Stainless steel AISI-304 options:

 Fairings and suction grids/display deck/shelves

· Stainless steel AISI-304 optional for Internal deposit

· Stainless steel bumper

· Electric defrost / Hot gas defrost

· Electronic control / Monitoring

· Touch control TTC (integrated or glass panel)



· Scanner price tag 40 mm on display deck 

· Plexiglass front riser 40 mm

· Fornt riser on deck

· Fixed plexiglass dividers

· Product dividers on shelves (plexiglass / grid) 

· Product dividers on deck (plexiglass/ grid)

· Hooks bar (single/double) 

· Adjustable deck grids 

· Kit top mirror 

· Backside mirror end unit (head)


This New Range of Professional Multideck Display cabinets is launched in the market with a redesigned look and improved performance of all models. The star of the range comes in two heights 2000 and 2200 mm. Combined with 5 rows of shelves with fantastic LED lighting optional. Closed or open type upright Chiller for F&V, Dairy and Deli & Cheese. Application for Fish is optional available internal in stainless steel. On request we will prepare for your project our offer.

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