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Standard equipment

·       Powered only by external aggregate

·       Device prepared for multiplexing

·       Dynamic cooling (ventilated)

·       External housing made of white coated steel

·       Front panel with color coated sheet

·       Stainless steel base with adjustable span

·       Ecological polyurethane foam insulation

·       Display space with colored sheet

·       Worktop – stainless steel

·       Straight side-hung front glass panel (not applicable to  corners)

·       Silver aluminum profiles

·       Display space thermometer

·       Electronic temperature controller with digital display

·       Modern LED lighting (lighting color options: white  confectionery, pink)

Features& Options

·       Side glass with silk – screen printing

·       Front lift-up system (does not apply to NW)

·       External housing made of stainless steel    

·       Front panel color – different colors available

·       Exposition area made of stainless steel

·       Exposition area made of acid resistant stainless steel

·       1 or 2-degree display extension with colored sheet

·       Exposition stepped overlay made of stainless steel (1  step)

·       Exposition stepped overlay made of acid resistant  stainless steel (1 step)

·       Powder painted evaporator

·       Acrylic rear sliding doors

·       Worktop - acid-resistant stainless steel

·       Front buffer with stainless steel profile

·       Front shelf for the customer with silver or gold Alu -profiles

·       Fixed partition (high, glass in exposition area stainless  steel in storage chamber)

·       Cutting board (400 x 500 mm)

·       Additional innovative LED lighting in the upper lamp  profile

·       Socket with fuse

·       Electronic expansion valve with controlling regulator  (Carel / Danfoss)

·       Cooling system adopted to factor R744 (CO2) (only with  electronic expansion valve)


Refrigerated REMOTE Counter - Temperature range: 3M1 (-1/+5ºC) / 3M2 (-1/+7ºC) / 3H1 (+1/+10ºC) - Refrigerant/Cooling factor: R404a / R507 / R448 / R449 / R744 CO2 - without side walls and without aggregate -

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