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·      Internal cooling aggregate

·      Dynamic cooling (ventilated)

·      Body with service side base flashing composed ofwhite, coated sheet metal

·      Front base sheets and front panel powder coated

·      Ecological polyurethane foam insulation

·      Exposition display made of stainless steel

·      Storage made of stainless steel

·      Rear storage with hinged doors (corners wo. storage)

·      Grey granite worktop (thickness 20 mm)

·      Internal frame and aluminum profilesanodized color silver

·      Rear cover made of acrylic glass

·      LED lighting (color of choice: white, confectioneryor meaty “deep pink”)

·      Bumper optional in different colors

·      Insulated plastic side walls + glass side panels

·      Automatic defrost

·      Condenser outlet to container

·      Electronic temperature controller withdigital display

 Features & Options


·      Device prepared for multiplexing

·      Wooden sides + glass sides – select color

·      device without side panels prepared formultiplexing (MOD/A)

·      Lift up system (not applicable on corner)

·      Custom front panel color

·      Exposition Acid resistant stainless steel

·      Storage made of Acid – resistant stainless steel

·      Powder coated / painted evaporator

·      Worktop optional with granite Balmoral, graniteblack (thickness 20 mm) stainless steel

·      Additional exposition glass shelf with LEDlighting

·      Automatic defrost / automatic condenser vaporization

·      Analog / Digital thermometer

·      Electronic temperature monitoring + software

·      Front hinged glass electric lock + Socket withfuse


SAMOS is the most popular counter line in IGLOO’s offer. Temperature range: +1ºC/+10ºC. Refrigerant/Cooling factor: R404a / R507 / R448 / R449Its versatility, number of variants and unique features such as innovative glass opening system without telescopes, maximized display surface or capacious storage space quickly gained the trust of our customers. The appliances can be powered by the internal as well as by the external unit. They are perfect for any interior of a grocery store, regardless of its size or specialization.

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