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·          innovativesystem of the upper assembly profile

·          powered only by external aggregate

·          device prepared for multiplexing

·          dynamic cooling (with double air curtain)

·          energy saving EC fans

·          mechanical expansion valve

·          front bottom panel made of coated steel different colors available

·          front top panel made of coated aluminum profile – different colors

·          base plinth made of stainless steel with a floor seal

·          interior and exposition shelves made of coated steel – different colors

·          5 levels of display shelves with possibility to change the hanging heightand angle

·          price tags - select your color chart

·          modern upper LED lighting (lighting color options: white confectionery,pink)

·          electronic temperature controller with digital display

·          siphoned condensate drainage – diameter of the connector pipe Ø40

·          refrigerant system adapted for one of the following gas type–

·          R448a / R449a / R450a / R407F  /R404A/R507 / R290


Features & Options


·           side panels made of double combined tempered glass or double combined mirror

·           insulated  side panels made of coated steel with a glass mirror on the inside –  different colors available

·           full  insulated side panels made of stainless steel with a mirror glass on the  inside

·           custom  colors of the side panels, front panel and top front ceiling cover

·           device  interior and exposition shelves made of stainless steel

·           additional shelf illumination – LED light (available colors : white, confectionery or  meat)

·           acrylic product stopper or wire fence stopper

·           top suspended mirrors

·           powder coated / painted evaporator

·           fixed partition made of acrylic glass

·           front buffer with stainless steel profile

·           electronic  temperature regulator with the registration system

·           thermostatic - 2x temperature sensor NTC [10kΩ]

·           automatic defrost (electric heaters)

·           electronic expansion valve with controlling regulator (Carel / Danfoss)

·           night  roller blind – manual or electric

·           sliding doors with double combined glass - soft door closing system

·           hinged doors with double insulated glass

·           cooling system adopted to factor R744 (CO2) (only with electronic expansion valve)

·           top outlets of SL/LL pipe


The innovative approach to the construction of Multideck with a temperature range of 3M1(-1/+5ºC) / 3M2(-1/+7ºC) / 3H1(+1/+10ºC), enabled the creation of a design that allows the user to freely change the selected variant of the device, without the necessity of a complete disassembly. The profile designed specifically for this purpose allows for the installation of blinds or the selected Glass door system with sliding or hinged doors. These type of cabinet you might have a look on DP and DU version – depending on the needs of the individual customer.

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